ADINA double bed with comfort height in solid beech 160x200cm

ADINA double bed with comfortable height made of solid beech 160x200cm * Handmade * Robust * Timeless | Rustic beech bed made of solid wood | Bed made of wood in country house style with rolling grill

Manufacturer: ACERTO
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Premium solid wood bed:

  • Timeless design language conveys cosiness & harmony | Bed frame made of 100% beech wood | Suitable for senior citizens or hotel rooms due to its comfortable height

Solid wood furniture:

  • All parts made of solid beech wood | Solid wood furniture is extremely robust & durable | Fine pored wood is breathable & has a positive effect on the indoor climate

Real beech wood:

  • Characteristic & noble appearance due to evenly fine grain | Beech offers a hard & at the same time elastic material | Wood has an elegant light-yellowish to pink-brown colour & barely darkens after

Elegant design:

  • Bedroom bed captivates with its clear lines | The expressiveness of solid wood furniture remains intact for years | Brings quality of life into your bedroom and thus leads to better relaxation

Product details:

  • Inner dimensions = 160 x 200cm | Height headboard = 80 cm | Insertion depth mattress = 12cm | Seat height approx. 56-60cm depending on mattress | Footboard height approx. 65cm | With roll-up grille
  • Comfortable wooden bed ADINA made of beech wood with rolling grate

High-quality solid wood furniture for the own living space, have in times of industrial goods and mass production a high value. They convey the sense of consistency and quality. They also have a calming and harmonising effect. The timeless and classic design of the wooden bed with its clear lines brings peace to your bedroom. The warm and even grain of the beech wood radiates warmth and comfort. Thanks to the robust construction you will enjoy this piece of high quality work for a long time.

Product highlights:

  • Solid wood brings quality of life & a cosy atmosphere into your bedroom.
  • Very strong & yet flexible beech wood with high dead weight for secure standing
  • For long service life treated with high quality oil with hard wax content
  • Wooden bed is produced by a family business in the EU
  • Characteristic & warm appearance due to fine grain

Product details:

  • Height of footrest: approx. 65 cm
  • Headrest height: approx. 80 cm
  • Bed side width: 15 cm
  • Insertion depth for mattress: approx. 12 cm
  • Seat height: approx. 56-60 cm (depending on mattress)
  • Total length: specified length + approx. 8 cm
  • Distance from floor to lower edge of bed side: approx. 34 cm

Treat yourself to the luxury of a massive wooden bed in which you really feel at home!