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ALPINA stove water-bearing, anthracite - 53x53x105 cm

ALPINA fireplace stove water-bearing, anthracite - 53x53x105 cm * 30 kW * for 100-120 sqm * window | high quality swedish stove for wood, briquettes & coal | modern wood stove for fireplace connection

Manufacturer: ACERTO
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Modern design:

  • Enjoy the cosy atmosphere with beautiful fire without soot or smoke development | Discreet & yet modern design of the fireplace stove gives your apartment a special charm

With viewing window:

  • Windows made of safety glass for a clear view of the pleasant flame | Glass withstands temperatures up to 850°C | Enjoy the warmth & at the same time a romantic play of soothing flames

Large combustion chamber:

  • Generously designed combustion chamber for pieces of wood 30-40 cm long & 30-35 cm in diameter | Storage area under the combustion chamber for firewood | Wood stove suitable for burning wood, wood briquettes & charcoal

Efficient heating:

  • Water-guided chimney supports your heating system | Heat flows through a heat exchanger into your heating system | Reduces heating costs & reduces environmental impact

Product details:

  • Dimensions = 53x53x105 cm | Weight = 130 kg | Heat output = max. 30kW | Living space = 100 to 120 qm | Cladding = high-quality tiles
  • Premium Swedish stove with viewing window, water-bearing

Heating with a stove is simply something special. The pleasant warmth and the romantic, calming play of flames harmonise the mood. In addition, the trend towards rising heating costs can be counteracted. In addition to the special heating quality, this chimney can be used to conduct heating heat into the existing heating system of your home. This not only reduces heating costs, but also protects the environment and your wallet. If you are not sure how to integrate this wood-burning stove into your existing heating system, ask a professional heating engineer.

Product features:

  • Wood stove for fireplace connection
  • Suitable for burning wood, wood briquettes & coal
  • Spacious storage space for fuel under the combustion chamber
  • Large combustion chamber for pieces of wood up to 40cm length and 30cm diameter

Product details:

  • Weight = approx. 130 kg
  • Heating capacity = 30 kW
  • size = 53x53x105 cm
  • Suitable for apartments from 100-120 sqm

Enjoy the special atmosphere of a warming fire romance with the efficient, water-bearing fireplace stove from acerto!