Cast iron oven dish for the oven, 36x25x5 cm

Casserole dish made of cast iron for the oven, 36x25x5 cm - Square pan, Brat-Rein with handles

Manufacturer: ACERTO
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  • Clean and dry cast iron cookware only with kitchen paper or water and a dishwashing brush.
    • Over time, grease and residues from the baking dish form a natural, protective coating.
    • absorbs heat evenly from all sides and releases it just as evenly again
    • Square pan must not be "shocked" - i.e. cleaned in hot condition with cold water.
    • Product details: Material = cast iron - Weight = 5 kg - Dimensions = 36.5 x 25 x 5 cm - Stove types = all

    High quality cast iron casserole dish with handles

    With cast iron you can cook very high quality. The advantages of cast iron are manifold. With the cast iron casserole dish from acerto you get a piece of premium quality for your kitchen. Cast iron is one of the oldest materials still used today for cookware. Due to the many very good properties of cast iron cooking pots, frying pans and sausages, it has been very popular with connoisseurs and health-conscious cooks for years.

    Cast iron pots and pans only require simple maintenance without detergents. Proper care and use will make dishes prepared in cast iron cookware taste particularly aromatic and frying will be facilitated by the naturally occurring non-stick properties. Cast iron should therefore preferably only be cleaned with water and a dishcloth. Over time, fats form a protective film on the pan - this is intentional.

    Product highlights:

    • High-quality casserole dish / pure roast made of cast iron
    • Easy cleaning with water and dishcloth
    • Natural non-stick properties through normal use

    Product details:

    • Material = cast iron
    • diameter = 36,5 x 25 x 5cm
    • Weight = 5 kg