Diego solid wooden bed made of beech wood with bed box and rolling grate 100x200cm

Diego solid wooden bed made of beech wood with bed box, Elegant beech bed with headboard and rolling grille, 100 x 200 cm

Manufacturer: ACERTO
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  • Timeless design language of the wooden bed conveys comfort and harmony whereby the bed frame consists of 100% beech wood.
    • All parts of the solid wood furniture are very robust and durable, the fine-pored wood is breathable and climate-promoting.
    • Beech offers a hard and elastic material with an elegant, light yellowish to pink-brown colour.
    • The expressiveness of a bedroom bed on wood remains for years and brings quality of life through better relaxation.
    • Product details: Inside dimension = 100 x 200cm | Height head part = approx. 71cm | Insertion depth mattress = 11,5cm | Seat height approx. 45cm depending on mattress | Outside dimension approx. 108cm x 216cm | Board thickness 25mm
    • Solid beech wood bed DIEGO

    High-quality solid wood furniture for the own living space, have in times of industrial goods and mass production a high value. They convey the sense of consistency and quality. They also have a calming and harmonising effect. The timeless and classic design of the wooden bed with its characteristic lines brings peace to your bedroom. The warm and distinctive grain of the beech wood radiates a lot of warmth and comfort. Thanks to the robust construction you will enjoy this piece of high quality work for a long time.

    Two bed boxes are included in the scope of delivery, which fit harmoniously into the overall picture of the bed. A roller grille is also supplied. So you can put on your mattresses and enjoy your sleep in the new wooden bed.

    Product Highlights:

    • Solid wood brings quality of life & a cosy atmosphere into your bedroom.
    • Treatment with wood preservatives is recommended for a long service life.
    • Characteristic & warm appearance with pleasant fragrance of tree resins
    • Very durable & elastic beech wood with for high sleeping comfort
    • Wooden bed is produced by a family business in the EU

    Product Details:

    • Material = beech wood
    • Insertion depth for mattress = approx. 11.5 cm
    • Seat height = approx. 45 cm (depending on mattress)
    • Total length = indicated length + approx. 16 cm
    • Total width = indicated width + approx. 8 cm