EVODIA Premium Dirt Trap Mat Lavender Fragrance, taupe - 90x150cm

EVODIA Premium Outdoor Dirt Trap Mat, taupe - 90x150cm * Durable * Lavender Fragrance * Frostproof | Doormat for Front Door |

Door mat, clean running mat for indoor use

Manufacturer: ACERTO
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SKU: 30310
€44.99 incl tax

Premium quality:

  • Foot wiper is an upgrade for every entrance area | High dirt & moisture absorption

Pleasant scent:

  • Dirt trap runner sprays a pleasant lavender fragrance for approx. 9-12 months

Frostproof & Robust:

  • Door mat for outside & inside | Does not break during frost | Suitable for all weather conditions

Reliable cleaning of shoe soles:

  • High floor made of polyamide keeps shoes dry & clean

PVC & Phthalate-free:

  • Door mat with rubber granulate | When the entrance mat is folded, no white stripes appear
  • EVODIA doormat with lavender scent

Doormats are in front of almost every front door. Whether inside or outside - dirt trap mats are a real blessing when it comes to leaving moisture and dirt in front of the apartment door. The EVODIA floor mat is PVC-free and has a high floor made of polyamide, which absorbs dirt and moisture reliably and quickly. In addition, this doormat has an integrated lavender scent that spreads discreetly in the room or in front of the door for approx. 9-12 months.

Product highlights:

  • High-quality materials make the dirt catcher robust and durable
  • Shoe wiper suitable for inside and outside
  • Sprays a fine lavender fragrance
  • Made in the EU

Keep your entrance area clean and pleasantly fresh with the lavender-scented EVIDOA floor mat from acerto!