Grill&Chill floor protection mat, 80x120 cm

Grill&Chill floor protection mat, 80x120 cm - Antibacterial - Waterproof - Non-slip | Fire retardant underlay for the fireplace | Universal quick-drying rubber floor mat

Manufacturer: ACERTO
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  • Universally applicable as grill base, for pets, for office chairs, and other sensitive floor coverings


  • Protective mat has fire class BF1 and is considered flame-retardant, weatherproof with non-slip underside.


  • Flame retardant mat is machine washable, polypropylene rubber backing can be wet cleaned

Robust MAT:

  • Mat prevents damage to floor coverings by charcoal pieces falling out of the fireplace


  • Base material = 100 % recycled rubber, surface material = polypropylene, fire protection class = BF1 / flame retardant, antibacterial, environmentally friendly
  • MatBox Grill&Chill - Robust universal floor protection mat

Universal and fireproof floor mats are the ideal addition to any garden grill. The underlay is fire-retardant and non-slip. Thus it offers a clear plus in security. The mat is also excellent as a base for the balcony, the office, the doghouse, and more. It is very easy to clean and Absolutely waterproof due to the rubber underside. The floor protection mat has antibacterial properties and can also be used very well to protect sensitive floors.

PRODUCT Highlights:

  • Waterproof & non-slip due to rubber carrier material
  • Fire-retardant protective mat as grill underlay
  • Suitable for the protection of sensitive floors
  • Antibacterial and therefore ideal for pets


  • height = 4 mm
  • Surface material = Polypropylene
  • Carrier material = 100% recycled rubber
  • Temperature resistant from -60°C to + 60°C