Hungarian tripod 180m with 22 l goulash kettle

Original Hungarian goulash kettle (22 litres) + tripod frame (180cm) * Enamelled * Scratch-resistant * Neutral in taste | Telescopic tripod with goulash pot soup pot mulled wine pot | Cooking kettle with lid for kettle goulash mulled wine kettle in a set

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Hungarian goulash kettle:

  • Original double enamelled goulash pot with lid from Hungary |Kettle is processed individually by hand | Real alternative to permanent grilling of sausage and co. | cooking kettle usable as soup pot, mulled wine pot, fish pot

High quality enamel pot:

  • High-quality enamelling base materials for long-lasting product | Lightweight

Cleaning | Food does not burn | Enamel coating does not allow cuts and scratches | Bacteria-inhibiting & tasteless

Real outdoor feeling:

  • Encourages the joy of celebrating, grilling, cooking and eating | Boiler enables cooking for several people | For camping, garden, outdoor, fire pincer punch

Height adjustable tripod:

  • Telescopic legs flexibly adjustable | Tripod high enough to place a fire bowl under the boiler | Safe & stable standing on uneven ground | Can be used with accessories as a swivel grill

Product details:

  • Capacity goulash kettle 22 liters | Size leg 120cm |Lid falls deliberately something into the pot

Our original Hungarian goulash kettle with high quality double enamel coating provides a stimulating and pleasant atmosphere when cooking on an open fire. Thanks to the height-adjustable tripod, the set can be used flexibly as a cooking kettle for soups, mulled wine and fire tong punch.


For the real kettle goulash and the unmistakable taste, let the smoke of the fire pass over the open kettle or use the specially made lid for a faster result.


  • Original double enamelled goulash pot with lid from Hungary
  • Cooking kettle usable as soup pot, mulled wine top, fish pot
  • High-quality enamelling base materials for a long-lasting product
  • can be used as swivel grill with accessories
  • Telescopic legs flexibly adjustable

Advantages of enamel:

  • Easy to clean
  • Food does not burn
  • Scratch and cut resistant
  • Bacteria inhibiting
  • tasteless

The following sizes are available:

  • 6 litre kettle + 120cm tripod
  • 10 litre boiler + 120cm tripod
  • 14 litre boiler + 120cm tripod
  • 22 litre kettle + 120cm tripod
  • 30 litre boiler + 120cm tripod


The lid falls slightly into the pot, because when cooking over an open fire the high pressure would cause a flush lid to fall down. The lid knob is made of plastic, as a wooden knob dries out and jumps off after cooking several times.

Prepare for you and your friends with our high quality enamelled cooking kettle, a

unforgettable Hungarian kettle goulash!