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LAVA fireplace stove Basic, 33x36x82 cm

LAVA fireplace stove Basic, 33x36x82 cm - Premium wood stove for wood, briquettes & charcoal - Compact wood stove for fireplace connection

Manufacturer: ACERTO
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High-quality Swedish furnace in compact design made of high-quality materials

Fireplace stove without window with 5 kW heating power for rooms up to 30qm

Large wood storage compartment at the base of the stove for clean and practical wood storage

The combustion chamber can be used to heat, cook or keep food warm.

PRODUCT-DETAILS: Dimensions = 33x36x82 cm - Weight = 38 kg - Heat output = max. 5 kW - Living space = 20-30 qm

# Premium stove without window

Heating with a stove is simply something special. The pleasant warmth has a harmonising effect on the mood. In addition, the trend towards rising heating costs can be counteracted. The compact design of this Swedish stove is particularly suitable for smaller rooms up to 30 sqm. This not only reduces heating costs, but also protects the environment and your wallet. If you are not sure how to integrate this wood-burning stove into your existing heating system, ask a professional heating engineer.


  • Wood stove for fireplace connection
  • Suitable for burning wood, wood briquettes & coal
  • Spacious storage space for fuel under the combustion chamber
  • Large combustion chamber for pieces of wood up to 40cm length and 30cm diameter


  • Weight = approx. 38 kg
  • Heating capacity = 5 kW
  • Size = 33x36x82 cm


  • Uniform technical standard EN 13240:2006
  • Essential feature Work performance
  • Fire protection NPD
  • Fire behaviour A1
  • Distance to combustible material at side 400mm, rear 400mm, front 800mm
  • Risk of leakage of more flammable liquid existed
  • Emission of the fuel CO 0.05062%
  • Surface temperature passed (operating tool)
  • Electrical safety NPD
  • Cleanability passed
  • Liquid gas Nominal heat output T 127 C
  • Fine dust content according to BlmSchV 2 35.36 mg/Nm³
  • Nominal heat output 5 KW
  • Space heating capacity 5 KW
  • Energy efficiency 75%
  • Energy efficiency class A
  • Recommended burning material Firewood, brown coal
  • Suitable for endurance burning
  • Fire chamber lining fireclay
  • Top pipe connection