Rat barrier for the protection of sewage pipes 160mm

Rat lock for the protection of sewage pipes and backwater flaps - 160mm - 100% protection - stainless steel - maintenance-free - rat flap for sanitary areas

Manufacturer: ACERTO
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100% protected

  • Rat flap prevents unpleasant rodents from penetrating the sewer pipes

High quality material:

  • Rat lock consists of high-quality stainless steel with funnel size 600 x 250 mm (HxW)


  • Ratstop can be retrofitted into existing sewage systems and is Absolutely maintenance-free.

Simple installation:

  • Rat barrier is installed in the downpipe in the cellar and thus protects the entire house.

Product details:

  • Material = Stainless steel | Available diameters = 110, 125, 160, 200 mm
  • Stainless steel rat barrier for sanitary areas

Rats and other rodents can enter the apartments relatively easily via sanitary pipes. A rat lock will end this problem. The stainless steel rat barrier is connected to the downpipe in the cellar and thus protects the entire sanitary facilities in the house. The rat flap can be retrofitted almost anywhere. Various diameters are available. This will protect your house effectively and simply from rats. In any case we recommend the installation of the rat flap by a sanitary specialist.

Product features:

  • Perfect protection against unwanted intrusion of rodents
  • Absolutely maintenance-free, works without electricity
  • Rat lock made of high-quality stainless steel

Product details:

  • Material = stainless steel
  • Available diameters =110, 125, 160, 200 mm

Protect your house now against unwanted intrusion of rodents through your pipes with the stainless steel rat barrier from acerto!