Rubber cork impact sound insulation with aluminium foil, 10cm x 10m

Rubber cork impact sound insulation with aluminium foil, 10cm x 10m * Vapour barrier *

Heat-insulating * Pressure-resistant | Sound insulation underlay for parquet flooring, vinyl and

Laminate | Insulation mat for underfloor heating

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Rubber cork impact sound insulation:

  • High-performance impact sound improvement of up to 21 dBA | Very easy to install | Impact sound insulation Made in Germany

Heat and cold insulation:

  • Insulating underlay with aluminium coating serves as vapour barrier and prevents heat loss | Helps to save energy and heating costs | Cork plate suitable for use with underfloor heating systems

Highest quality level:

  • Impact sound underlay provides additional mechanical stability | High elasticity and long-term pressure stability | Compensates uneven floors | Excellent age resistance

For all floors:

  • Rubber cork mat is suitable for wooden floors, vinyl or linoleum floors | Ideally suited for glued laying | Insulating board as parquet underlay & laminate underlay

Product details:

  • Material thickness = 3 mm | Roll length = 10 m | Roll width = 10 cm | Density = 700 kg/m³ | Binder = Polyurethane | Fire class = B2 according to DIN 4102 | Aluminium coating = 0,3 mm

With this high-quality and elastic impact sound insulation mat you do not only provide

for a footfall sound improvement of 21 dBA, but reduce the noise level by the high

thermal insulation also permanently reduce your heating and energy costs. The rubber cork mat

is also suitable in combination with underfloor heating systems as an age-resistant

underlay for parquet floors, laminate floors and vinyl floors, among other things, and gives the

The base provides additional mechanical stability and compensates for uneven ground.

Product highlights:

  • Compensates for uneven floors
  • Excellent age resistance
  • Quality product Made in Germany
  • High elasticity and long-term pressure stability
  • Aluminium coating prevents unnecessary heat loss and insulates against cold

Product details:

  • Roll length = 10 m
  • Density = 700 kg/m³
  • Roll width = 10 cm
  • Material thickness = 3 mm
  • Aluminium coating = 0.3 mm
  • Aluminium thickness = 170 g/m²
  • Impact sound improvement = 21 dBA
  • Material = cork/rubber granulate composite material with aluminium coating

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