SORENTO premium ethanol table fireplace - 2kW - 75x45x30cm

SORENTO Premium Ethanol Table Fireplace - 75x45x30cm * Incl. 1L Bio-Ethanol * Made in Germany * Soot-free | Ethanol fireplace for indoors with stainless steel combustion chamber | Table fire with 2kW heating capacity

Manufacturer: ACERTO
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  • Enjoy the cozy atmosphere with beautiful fire without soot or smoke | Discreet & yet modern design of the table stove gives your home a special charm.


  • No special chimney connection necessary | Can be easily used in any home | Table fireplace can also be installed outdoors in dry places


  • ESG safety glass with high impact resistance and insensitivity to large temperature differences | Combustion chamber made of stainless steel | Powder-coated steel chimney housing is very robust


  • Bioethanol burns without creating unpleasant odours to water & carbon dioxide | Does not leave any ashes when burned | 1 litre bioethanol is included in the scope of delivery


  • Dimensions = 75x45x30cm | Weight = 9.8 kg | Material of fuelbox = stainless steel | Chimney casing = powder-coated steel | Heat output = max. 2kW | Made in Germany

PREMIUM bio-ethanol table fireplace for indoor and outdoor use

Fire has a pleasant and calming effect on people. With the bioethanol table fireplace you can make this special experience possible at home. The table fireplace can also be installed in any apartment without a fireplace connection. In dry areas, the table fireplace can also be beautifully staged and operated outside in the garden. The maximum heating power is 2kW. You will not only enjoy the special charm of fire, but also heat your home with the special warmth of open fire.


  • Table stove can be operated in any apartment without a chimney connection
  • High-quality tabletop fireplace with stainless steel combustion chamber & powder-coated steel frame
  • Quality ESG safety glass with high temperature and impact resistance - TÜV tested


  • Weight = approx. 9,8kg
  • combustion chamber = stainless steel cm
  • Frame = powder coated steel
  • Sight glass = ESG safety glass, TÜV tested
  • Scope of delivery = 1 feed hopper; 1 litre bio-ethanol; 1 regulating rod

Enjoy the special atmosphere of a fire romance with the acerto ethanol table fireplace "made in Germany"!