Transition profile 4x58mm - 270cm - silver - drilled in the middle

Transition profile made of aluminium, drilled in the middle, 270 cm - silver * 4x58 mm * Robust * Scratch-resistant | Transition strip for carpet, laminate & parquet | Aluminium Transition rail, floor profile with screws

Manufacturer: ACERTO
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Noble optics:

  • High-quality profile for the transition to door thresholds with parquet, laminate and carpet floors as well as tiles

Robust profile:

  • Anodised aluminium surface of the floor profiles is insensitive to corrosion and scratches.

Easy assembly:

  • The transition rail is already provided with suitable holes | Absolutely fixed installation on level ground

Effective protection:

  • Smooth surface appears unobtrusive | Profiles individually welded into foil | Can be cut to size with a metal saw

Product details:

height = 4 mm | width = 58mm | material = anodised aluminium | incl. colour-matching screws and dowels

Aluminium transition profile

The acerto floor profiles are the perfect solution for the seamless transition between two floor coverings on thresholds. The profile system enables the perfect transition between edges in the floor covering and on door frames. The high-quality surface anodisation also guarantees an optical upgrading of your floors.

Product highlights:

  • Anodized surface is insensitive to corrosion and scratches - Even with the appropriate adhesive strip
  • Product quality Made in Germany

Product details:

  • Material = anodized aluminium
  • width = 58 mm
  • Height = 4 mm Note: Further transition profiles in different sizes and colours are available from acerto.

Take hold now and ensure the perfect transition at door thresholds!