Weed fleece Garden fleece 1.09 m wide 60 g/m² METERWARE

Tear-proof weed fleece - 1.09m, 60g/m² * Water-permeable * Environmentally friendly * Rot-proof | Garden fleece, drainage fleece, separating fleece, mulch film, garden film | Soil fabric, geotextile, weed protection fleece, root fleece for gardens

Manufacturer: ACERTO
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Our extremely tear-resistant and environmentally friendly weed fleece suppresses annoying weed growth in your garden by preventing sunlight. At the same time, successful heat storage significantly improves plant growth.

Simply roll out the garden fleece and let it overlap slightly. Cut an opening for the plants with scissors. Finally, cover with a 5-7 cm thick layer of mulch, pebble or similar material.


  • Extremely tear resistant
  • Breathable & rot-proof
  • Water & liquid fertilizer permeable
  • Without chemical binders
  • pH-neutral
  • Product quality Made in Germany
  • Can be used as drainage fleece, separating fleece, mulch film, soil fabric, geovleece, root fleece


  • width = 1,09 m
  • Grammage = 60 g/m²
  • yard goods

Order now our high-quality weed fleece for healthy plant growth without annoying weed plucking!