WIKO 2K epoxy resin adhesive 5 minutes 25 ml incl. 2 nozzles

WIKO 2K epoxy resin adhesive 5 minutes 25 ml incl. 2 nozzles for metal concrete wood glass plastic ceramic graphite PU

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WIKO epoxy resin adhesives are fast-curing two-component systems that allow a wide range of applications in manufacturing, assembly and repair. Joints of different materials are guaranteed, which are characterized by high tensile and impact strength as well as excellent peel and shock resistance. WIKO Epoxy transparent is suitable for optically demanding bondings and is therefore an ideal composite material for a wide variety of applications.

Excellent adhesion for e.g:

Aluminium, copper, steel, brass, concrete, wood, glass, plastic, ceramics, coated metal, graphite, polyurethane, galvanised metals, hard plastic etc.

Please refer to the technical data sheet.


  • high temperature resistance up to approx. -40 °C up to +120 °C
  • sustainable resistance to water, petrol and oil
  • easy-to-use 2-component epoxy resin adhesive
  • Tensile and impact resistant as well as resistant to ageing and media
  • Processing time approx. 5 minutes - Curing time approx. 2-3 hours