WIKO Label Remover Label Remover 400 ml

WIKO Label remover Label remover 400 ml also removes greases oils tar resin adhesive residues

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WIKO Label Remover is a versatile, highly effective cleaning agent. It is used for fast and effective removal of glued-on labels and adhesive residues. WIKO Label Remover cleans and dissolves fats, oils, tar, resins and dirt from ballpoint pens, etc. quickly, easily and residue-free.

Please refer to the technical data sheet.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast, easy and effective removal of various residues
  • Uncompromising removal of adhesive residues
  • PH-neutral and non-corrosive


Shake the aerosol can intensively before use and test spray. Spray on the surfaces or labels to be treated and allow WIKO Label Remover to take effect. The label can then be removed. In case of heavy soiling or hardened adhesive, repeat if necessary. If necessary, carry out a material compatibility test at a hidden location.

Technical data:

  • Fast, easy and effective removal of labels
  • Uncompromising removal of adhesive residues
  • Removal of foil labels (e.g. vignettes on car windows)
  • Universal solution for a variety of surfaces: Glass, metal, wood, foils and plastics
  • Removal of fats, oils, tar and resins