WIKO MS Polymer Adhesive 290 ml Bonding and Sealing

WIKO MS polymer adhesive 290 ml Bonding and sealing elastic moisture-curing adhesive and sealant

Manufacturer: ACERTO
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WIKO MS Polymer - Bonding and Sealing is a 1-component, elastic, moisture-curing adhesive and sealant based on MS Polymer. WIKO MS Polymer is used for bonding different materials with and among each other, up to sealing seams and overlaps. WIKO MS Polymer is medium viscous and soft elastic.

Please refer to the technical data sheet.

Technical data:

  • high temperature resistance from -40°C to +100°C, short-term up to +180°C
  • wet-on-wet overpaintable, very good paint compatibility, no cracking of the paint over the sealing seam
  • broad adhesion spectrum without primer, hardly any volume shrinkage, no blister formation
  • odourless, solvent-isocyanate-silicone-free, label-free
  • can be disposed of with household waste, quick hardening, easy processing