WIKO PTFE-Spray 400 ml lubricant-glide release agent

WIKO MARINE PTFE-Spray 400 ml Lubricant-Slip-Release agent for metal Rubber Plastics

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WIKO MARINE PTFE-SPRAY (Teflon spray) can be used almost universally in industrial and workshop areas, plastics processing, paper industry or textile industry. WIKO MARINE PTFE-SPRAY is a colourless lubricant, lubricant and release agent for metal, rubber, plastics and other materials with excellent creep and lubricating properties.

Temperature resistance: -190 °C to +260 °C

Reliable prevention of wear and tear

Prevents jamming, friction, squeaking and creaking

Please refer to the technical data sheet.

Fields of application:

  • Sliding and running rails, guides
  • Conveyor belts, transport rollers and slides
  • Windows (clip mechanisms, locks and hinges)
  • Excellent permanent lubrication for shafts in plastic bearings
  • Excellent suitability for the water-repellent coating of paper and cork seals and

Sealing packings

  • Release agent without oil or grease lubrication

Technical data:

  • Reliable prevention of fixed jaws
  • Excellent creep and lubricating properties
  • Guaranteed self-lubrication over a longer period of time
  • Prevents jamming, friction, squeaking and creaking
  • Resistance to corrosive chemicals, oils and water
  • Grease-free, anti-adhesive, dirt, dust and water repellent
  • Temperature resistance from -190 °C to +260 °C